Why should one travel to Japan for holidays?


Japan might not be considered to be the perfect holiday destination. But once you converse with the people around there, you will definitely realize that it is worth a visit. Considering its amazing culture and tradition, there is a lot that the country offers. Infact according to a research almost 25 million people visited Japan last year, which is more than ever. There is definitely something that you are missing out on.

The new pod hotels

If you wish to try staying is a more traditional Japanese place, head over to one of the pod hotels there. There is a lot of luxuries for the tourists as well as the locals to enjoy in these hotels. With luxurious spa treatments to comfortable rooms, it is all one is looking for on a vacation. You can have the perfect stay there with extra facilities for the females. Do not miss this opportunity!

The snowy season

Ask anyone on when is the best time to visit Japan, and they will always reply with, “The Winters.” The Japanese snow is considered to be by far the fluffiest amongst all. This makes it more interesting. In addition to it, there are tons of activities for the locals and the tourists to enjoy in the snowy season. They can go skiing up top and enjoy multiple winter sports. This is why people prefer visiting Japan in the winters. Make sure you check out the best Japan holiday packages from Australia on our website.

The Nomihodai

If you haven’t been to Japan, this might be a new term for you. If you are one of those party freaks who loves to adventure and enjoy, then you have arrived at the right place. The term Nomihodai, in Japanese means to party hard and eat and drink freely. The event is organized in the winter season when people are enjoying skiing alongside. The best part about this is that it is very economical, and tourists enjoy here a lot. You can taste all the local cuisines at affordable rates and enjoy to the best.

Excellent hospitality

Japanese people are known for their hospitality. They almost make a person feel like they are at their home country. If you do get a chance, make sure you experience their culture and traditions and live with them once a while. There is a village by the name of Koyasan, that offers a lot of holy temples nearby. Tourists are welcomed to spend a night in one of the holy temples. You can enjoy the peaceful meditation and grab a bite from the monk’s breakfast in the morning.

The Halloween festival

The one thing strangely amazing about the Japanese is that they love to dress up. Be it any festival, they would love to mix and match colors in order to dress up elegantly. The Halloween is one of the followed festivals in Japan and they don’t hold back in celebrating it to the fullest. There is absolutely no limit to dressing. People get dressed up in the weirdest of clothes and enjoy the event to the fullest.