Seven reasons to visit squaw alpine this summer

Seven reasons to visit squaw alpine this summer

Squaw Alpine offers nearly 1000 acres of open terrain for skiers of varying skills. The scenery and festive events offers a whole lot more to this place other than skiing. And this is why we believe that your Squaw Alpine should definitely be on your radar this summer. In this post, we will outline seven reasons to visit Squaw Alpine. Stay tuned!

  1. Lots of open Terrain: – Skiing enthusiasts will find every possible way to satiate their adrenaline cravings in the large open terrains here. The aerial tramp, Alpine Meadows and the Wolverine Bowl offers tremendous skiing activities beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Get attractive deals and discounts for Ski Holidays in Squaw Valley by SkiersPlanet.
  1. Festivals and parties: – Squaw Alpine enjoys no dearth of parties and festivals in its winter season. The New Year time especially sees top notch performances from the local groups. The plaza bar at Squaw Valley is popular for stunning display of fireworks at Christmas and New Year.
  1. Witnessing the sunset from nearly 9000 feet: – Imagine the beauty and surreal display of the sunset from nearly 9000 feet above the ground. The sunset aerial tram runs for free usually from 26th to 31st There are only few places in the world where you can witness such serene display of nature from high altitude.
  1. The mountains: – The chilly breezy winds, the white snowy display and the heartwarming gratitude of the fellow tourists and local people; that is exactly what the mountains offer. Your kids can take a deep dive into the snowy layers while you can sip your favorite hot coffee. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Multi-sport day: – The multi-sport day offers ton of activities for people of all ages and sizes which include the likes of paddling on the Lake Tahoe, skiing at noon in the mountains and finally hopping onto a bike in the afternoon. If that wouldn’t satiate the thirst of your physical cravings, then deep dive into the blue water of the Lake Tahoe.
  1. Swimming at the top of the mountains: – The high camp pool and hot tub at the end of the aerial tram offers a perfect 360-degree view of the scenic mountains. It is a perfect retreat after you spent your mornings doing the ultra-crazy skiing in the open terrains.
  1. And finally, Biking: – With lots of mountain passes, clear blue sky and a breezy fresh wind, biking will make you surrender into the arms of the nature. A truly exotic experience that will rejuvenate your mind body and soul.

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