How to Plan for an Outdoor Desert Wedding

How to Plan for an Outdoor Desert Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding is a wonderful thing; however, it can also be stressful. From searching for the best wedding dress to booking a venue, it can be challenging for all people involved. But, tying the knot in Vegas makes the process even more complicated, especially when you choose to deal with everything on your own.

Fortunately, planning a wedding in Las Vegas gives you unlimited options. Whether you choose to get married in the desert or underwater, partnering with a reliable wedding planner will ensure stress-free planning and ceremony. This blog post provides essential information to plan for an outdoor desert wedding.

Consider the Season

Temperatures in the desert are intense in the middle of the summer. In fact, it can still be intense even at night. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, temperatures can be unbearable. Also, summer is the season for scorpions and snakes. Consider tying the knot early June and September for a friendly weather. Also, this period offers non-peak time venue options.

Keep Everyone Hydrated

Hydration is especially important during the warm weather months. Make sure to offer one or two coolers with extra water bottles for during the ceremony. You can also give your guests some passed drinks during the entire events.

Choose the Right Flowers

Make sure you don’t choose heat-sensitive flowers like dahlias, peonies, and ranunculus. Rather, choose those with stems that are resistant to heat like tropical flowers and orchids.

Choose Darker, Deeper Color

Deserts offer a unique backdrop that must stand out in photos. Paler colors for a desert wedding will clash and blend in. The best pick are darker and deeper colors that reflect the desert’s mood and style.

Make it a Casual Affair

A lot of desert resort areas have spring, summer, and autumn temperatures that can go beyond 120 degrees F. Because of this, lightweight, cotton, and dressy casuals are a perfect option to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Protect the Food

Food, including the cake, should not be exposed to the desert’s extreme temperatures. Rather, it has to be placed in an air-conditioned area where they can be on standby until it’s time to serve them.

Have a Backup Plan

If the temperatures soar or when it rains, a backup plan will come in handy to ensure the ceremony goes on no matter what happens. Ensure there is a tent or ballroom on standby to keep everybody dry and cool.