Glorious food that guests will love at your wedding

Glorious food that guests will love at your wedding

Big decorative food stations are a new trend in the wedding reception.  Putting a creative dish attracts guests. You can choose to keep nostalgic by keeping some of your favorite childhood treats or keep entirely fancy with sushi or oysters. Here are some top tips for wedding catering in Toronto for some of the great food ideas:

  1. Popcorn stations:

They are the easiest, funniest and cheapest stations that form the perfect light snack. They are easy to eat on one go and can be served at any time from post-ceremony to pre-dinner or as late night treat. They can be given during dancing time as they are handy too.

  1. Sweet bars and candy buffets:

You can choose your childhood favorites or artisans treat like marshmallows, fudge, rock candy or mini meringues. You can even provide handy bags to your guests while they leave or can simply put them in vessels for guest to pick up.

  1. Grazing tables:

Grazing table with varieties of cheese, salads, crackers, fruits, dips, antipasti becomes quite inspirational for guests.

  1. Treat tables with cake and desserts:

They work well throughout the day and a modern alternative to traditional desserts.  Fresh cream cakes, pastries, and cookies can be a good attractive option for guests.

  1. Donut stations:

Donuts form a sweet and tasty circle of happiness especially for children. You can try different flavors, shapes, and sizes and can decorate them in a creative way.

  1. Pies:

Pie bars are a super option in winters and autumns. You can either choose large pies or mini pies or pie pops making them a trendy item for weddings.

  1. S’mores or Fresh Cookies:

S’mores are combinations of Graham Crackers, melted marshmallows, and chocolates. You can create white Russian cocktails to pair these s’mores.

  1. Pizzas and Pasta:

Pizzas and Pasta are affordable choices many times. You can go with classics like Margherita and pepperoni in pizza and white sauce pasta which are liked by all.

  1. Tachos and Nachos:

Try this super tasty Mexican twists which form a perfect pair with a margarita for cocktail hours or as a late night treat.

  1. Sushi Dish:

It is an extravagant dish which is definitely going to attract your guests. You need to hire an expert chef to make fresh sushi rolls and nigiri.

  1. Oysters Delicacy:

This is another rich delicacy which your guest will remember for long. Seafood is loved by many. You should hire an expert if you decide to put this food station.

  1. Ice- Cream Parlor:

Ice-creams are loved by all, whether old or young. If you are planning to wed in summer, then this becomes the hot favorite of the day. You can set up a sundae bar with selective toppings, and can hire a truck.

  1. Candy Floss stations:

Loved by kids, candy floss is another attractive food station. This is another good option if you plan a circus-themed wedding.

Wedding catering in Toronto gives you ideas for the most attractive and tempting dishes for your guests.