How to Get the Most Out of your Copenhagen Visit on a Budget

How to Get the Most Out of your Copenhagen Visit on a Budget

The Danish capital is popular for many things including boats on the canals, the little mermaid, Michelin-starred restaurants, waterside townhouses, and more. But, Copenhagen is practically not a budget destination as Scandinavia has some of the highest prices in the world. However, this city is worth the splurge and you can have a taste of its high quality of life and unique style without breaking your bank. You should start your plan on booking a copenhagen apartment hotel . Below are some helpful tips to get the most of Copenhagen on a budget:

Take Advantage of the Free

A free talking tour of the city provides you with a great introduction to Copenhagen. You will only spend money on your guide’s tip. Every tour has its own destination so choose which one to join in. If you are visiting Copenhagen in summer, the Sluseholmen Harbour Bath and Islands Brygge Harbour Bath have pantoons for open-air sunbathing and swimming. You can also spend time at the city beach at Amager Strandpark for free. In fact, you can visit free parks and gardens such as the King’s Gardens, Botanical Gardens, and the Frederiksberg Gardens. If you think spending at least 120 DKK to explore the Tivoli Gardens is too much for you, visit the oldest amusement park in the world called Bakkan. There is no entrance fee and they allow you to bring your own food and drinks. If you want to enjoy multiple rides, you just pay 269 DKK. Moreover, if you wish to explore the Danish culture on a budget, purchase a standing ticket at Royal Danish Opera House for 100 DKK.

Explore Top City Views

The highest viewpoints of the city can let you see all the way to Sweden on a sunny day. A lot of visitors choose the tallest viewpoint which is the Tårnet tower at the Christiansborg Palace. But, if you don’t want to walk up all those steps, go to the top of the Rundetårn or Round Tower where a spiral ramp is available instead of stairs.

Get Budget Food and Drink

If you prefer self-catering, visit supermarkets like Fakta, Alid, or Netto for discount groceries. To grab a quick snack, look for stalls that sell hotdogs topped with crunchy onions or try Smørrebrø, a traditional Danish sandwich piled high with fillings. Don’t miss exploring the Reffen on Refshaleøen island where international street food stalls abound.  For a unique drinking experience, think about drinking by the canals in Nyhavn. You don’t have to buy your drinks from the bar though as they are expensive. Buying a takeaway drink from a supermarket is a more economical option.