How bike taxi services in India has engulfed into daily mode of transportation?

How bike taxi services in India has engulfed into daily mode of transportation?

Gone are the days when smooth rides were a reality in the Indian cities. The increased number of vehicles on the road and the subsequent traffic has made the rides exhausting. Thanks to the app-based services, the number of vehicles only increased, as the cabs and rickshaws replaced private, four-wheelers. This has increased the demand for a smaller and convenient alternative, which has paved a path for the introduction of bike taxis. One of the best options for the daily mode of transportation, two-wheeler taxies are also convenient as it can be booked through a mobile app.

Why are Bike Taxis gaining popularity?

In highly populated countries like India, short-distance rides are much exhaustive than the longer ones, owing to the higher number of vehicles on the roads. Two-wheeler taxis solve this problem to an extent as it is small, convenient in traffic, and affordable for all. Here are some reasons for the growing popularity of bike taxi in India:

  • Convenient for short-distance rides – Most of the Indian people depend on public transportation to commute to work and other places. However, a ride in public transport for a shorter distance can be inconvenient as it can consume more time. Bike Taxis offer a proper solution for this problem as they are ideal and convenient for short-distance rides.

  • Faster Alternative – Compared to other modes of transport, bike taxis cut down your commuting time and drops you at your destination faster. Bikes seamlessly move through narrow roads, and crowded streets thus cut down the overall commuting time.

  • Reduces Congestion- Bike taxis are much smaller and leaner than the other modes of transport. Traveling in bus or car during peak hours can increase your time in traffic. With two-wheeler taxis, you can reduce the congestion on the road and thus, reach your destination on time.

  • Affordable and Hassle-free – Not everybody has the budget to travel in a taxi. Bike taxis offers you an affordable way of transport. All you need to know is how to drive!

The challenges

It is true that bike taxi services have gained popularity over the past few years. However, the startups behind success still face challenges. Read on to know some hurdles faced by such startups:

  • Limited Legal Framework – Though people are willing to use bike taxi services, only a few states have the legal framework and regulations for this industry. As the administration doesn’t consider it as legal, only the introduction of new regulations can widen the scope of the service.

  • Safety Concerns – As two-wheelers are more prone to accidents, people hesitate to prefer two-wheeler taxis all the time. However, bike taxi startups are making it mandatory for riders to wear helmets to promote safe driving.

Slowly these challenges will the thing of past and bike taxi services will be as common as the regular four wheeler cabs and taxi services.