Love Dolphins? Here’s Why You Should Visit Singapore

Love Dolphins? Here’s Why You Should Visit Singapore

Singapore is known for its culturaldiversity and rich biodiversity. This is why it is a world-famous holiday destination for nature lovers. Regardless of the hot equatorial climate, one can enjoy peacefulnight safaris or outdoor lunches with a whole family of orangutans here. There are plenty of Delhi to Singapore flights that allows you to witnesswonderful botanic gardens or southern ridges, away from the hectic life in the national capital. But oneof the main reasons Delhiites travel to this island nation is to witness the majestic Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

If you too love these marine mammals, here’s why you must visit Singapore at least once.

Catch a Glimpse of Dolphins
The southern waters of Singapore are home to magnificent humpbacked dolphins. Between 2008 and 2011, more than 165 of them were seen in the streams between Singapore and Batam. In February 2020, 3 wild dolphins were spotted at Lazarus Island. The fish present in the coral reefs attract these mammals for food.

Another place to spot pink dolphins is Sister Island Marine Park. It is one of the safest places for these animals to rest and feed. In the waters between Sentosa and Brani Islands, wild dolphins can be spotted often. These species can grow up to 2.8 meters long. Book early morning flights between Delhi to Singapore and arrange a same day visit.

An Overview of Dolphin Island, Sentosa

To meet these underwater creatures upclose, make sure to book Delhi to Singapore flights anytime between May and July. In a tour around the island, you can take part in the interactive session with the dolphins. They are one of the most intelligent and social animals and love to be with humans. You can go waist deep into the water to swim around, play fun games or watch them perform back flips and acrobatics for you. Tourists often get an album of photos and videos clicked of their encounter with the dolphins.

The island offers an extensive range of programs,which can be an experience of a lifetime. The marine animal trainers have in-depth knowledge of the anatomy, habitats and migration patterns of the dolphins. They are extremely informative and help you discover surprising facts about these creatures. You can also learn about veterinary care and research areas to understand how this species is protected against becoming endangered. Through engagement learning, you will learn how to build a sustainable environment for these beautiful animals.

Depending on what you want to learn and the time you can spare, get Dolphin Observer, Dolphin Adventure or Dolphin Discovery tickets.

The Future of Dolphins

Although Singapore artificially preserves dolphins in the islands, they are not meant for captivity. Dolphins thrive in the wilderness of the sea and it is cruel to cage them in zoos and aquariums.

By experiencing them in their natural habitat, you are sure to carry back loads of wonderful memories on your flights from Singapore to Delhi.