Things to Cross Off Your Bucket List

Things to Cross Off Your Bucket List

You’ve probably heard the term ‘bucket list’ before or perhaps you’ve seen people on social media talking about their bucket list ideas, but what exactly is a “bucket list?” Simply described, a bucket list is a collection of events that a person wants to experience before passing away. Although it may appear gloomy, having a bucket list is actually really important if you have things that have always wanted to try but never got the chance to have a go, a ‘bucket list’ will give you the perfect excuse to do them! Here are some ideas to get you started on your list;

  • Journey to the Grand Canyon

If you’ve ever seen the Grand Canyon on tv or in movies, then you’ll know how amazing it looks. How cool would it be to actually visit the Grand Canyon and take part in some of the activities they put on to help you experience the Canyon in all its glory, such as;

  • The west rim drive shuttle tour
  • Visit the desert view point watchtower
  • Have a go at rafting on the Colorado river
  • Go on a donkey ride
  • Experience a helicopter ride over and around the canyon

From the looks of things, you could spend a week or so just going through the different activities and exploring the canyon to its fullest.

  • Swim with seals

This ranks as one of the most amazing things to do, especially if you love nature, and swimming, although you’d probably need balls of steel. Numerous blogs suggest that seal swimming in Bermagui provides the best overall experience. You can get a boat ferry to the world-renowned Montague Island, where you can snorkel and swim with the seals that are live in and around the Island

  • Road trip across the entire United States

If you’ve ever day dreamt about taking a road trip across the whole of the United States then you’ll want this on your list but, you should know what you are getting yourself into.

Using even the most carefully calculated of maps, it would take you at least 9 days of driving to complete the 13,699 miles or, 22,046-kilometre journey. Some people settle for cruising route 66 in an iconic American muscle car, which is pretty awesome as far as compromises go.

Still there?

What are you waiting for? Nobody said they were going to write an entire list for you, just a few suggestions are what were on offer, you’ll need to make your own list and, the clock is ticking.